Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Best friend NED.

It's that exciting time of year once again. The Ned Young studio open house. I just can't get enough of his artwork. I look forward every year to see what old house he has chosen to grace his calendar for the coming year. I am never disappointed. Ever year the new addition to his collection has that signature Ned Young feeling. You may have never actually seen the house is his painting but you feel you know it. Like a memory from the past. It welcomes you like a familiar friend. It's got that coming home feeling. I find it so easy to connect with his work on an emotional level that you don't get with a lot of artist. Art is however a very personal thing we all react differently to art. Ned Young's work strikes a cord for me, my sisters and my Mother.( I'm not sure but I think our love for his work may be in our genes.) Most likely it could be because we share a similar connection to the past. Places and times that he paints remind us of places and times from our own past. Times that we look back on fondly. Our Grand parents lived in similar old home. I often find myself reminded of that house as I look at his paintings. The house may not be anything like our grandparents home, but the spirit of place they depict is very much the same. You Rock Ned. When I first met Ned Young three years ago. I told him I was his biggest fan. Three years later I think he might believe now. You can join his new Facebook Fan page here.

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