Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A lost Gem, Cliff House.

I literally stumbled upon this website dedicated to Cliffhouse. For the next two hours I was glued to my monitor as I paged through the seemingly limitless amount of old photographs of this once grand seaside resort. The first Cliff house was built in 1863. A two story structure and far less grand than its future incarnation. In 1869 it was expanded to triple its size
In 1894, after changing hands, it burned to the ground. The new owner build it again. It's replacements is a marvel to look at.

To see hundreds more pictures check out this FANTASTIC website dedicated to Cliffhouse.
Be sure to check out the film section. There is a link to movie clip from 1903. It's fun to see the children playing in the surf and the men all in suits at the beach. Cliffhouse begs to be the location for a great period film. It would be thrilling to see it recreated for some "Somewhere in time" Romance film.

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gary said...

Thanks for discovering my website! You have a very beautiful website yourself. I love your idea of using the Cliff House for a "Somewhere in Time" romance film...