Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hooked on old Kitchens

As part of the Hooked on Fridays over at Hooked on Houses. I decided to share my fixation..... I'm passionate about recreating the past. My on going project (two years now) of recreating a Gothic Revival home for my client is coming to a close and all the pieces are falling into place. Here is one of my big fixations on that project. A Kitchen that look like it belongs in an old home. This is actually in a new home but I think we hit the nail right on head and created something that looks like it has a history all ready.
view into the dining nook
view from the dining nook
Sub Zero, disguised as an icebox

You can see more photos and update from this house by clicking the Gothic Revival Update link in the sidebar.


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love all the details in this kitchen. The Sub Zero icebox is fantastic. You did an amazing job recreating the past!

Terry said...

This house is stunning and I think you've got the "not new" look happening. I don't want houses to look new (but I want them to perform as new).

I can see the Gothic details but my brain keeps saying Victorian. I need to study more.


Anonymous said...

I love this kitchen - but I'm curious. Without a "bar" how can the bar stools be practical? The are right up to the counter, legs will get in the way and you can't get close enough to comfortably reach the bar to eat.
Maybe I'm missing something?

PS I am "anonymous" b/c evertytime I try to choose an identity, I mess it up.

Jaynet said...

This kitchen is nothing but stunning! I wouldn't change nothing. I would be one pleased client ;-)

Jacqueline said...

Absolutely beautiful kitchen! What a creative soul you are......I also fell in love with 'Practical Magic" kitchen and plan to use it as inspiration for the renovation of the kitchen in my 1870's Second Empire Victorian (although it is not gothic). Perhaps, you've already provided this information, but are you willing to share details on creation of the icebox fridge, what countertops you used on the counters/island, lighting, tile, pulls, hinges, etc.? Thank you for the beautiful photos.
Kind Regards, Jacqueline

Carrieann said...

Amazing! I'm in love!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

It is so rare that I see a kitchen I actually love. This one is going in my practically empty "Love this kitchen file" = thank you.