Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bar stools in a historic style kitchen?

I have received some responses to my historic kitchen post. People who are confused by an island that the bar stools do not actually go under the bar. Surprise! this was intentional not just some oversite. I designed the freestanding island myself and had it manufactured in central America and shipped here. It was designed after the large work tables found in some of the larger historic home kitchens. In these historic home the work table was never intended to be an area for seating. That is a modern kitchen thing. The point of this entire kitchen design was to make it look like it had existed for nearly a century. No Islands with bar stools, no visible microwaves, all signs of modern conveniences gone. Even the sub zero was disguised. The choice of an AGA range, despite its weight, price and many special requirements was completely worth it to achieve this timeless look. Yes there are those of you who will look at bar stools pushed up to what appears to be an island and think its odd and inconvenient. I say nay, and more importantly so does the home owner. Every aspect of this house has been planned, and scrutinized, with one goal in mind. To fool the eye into thinking this home is much older than it is.


Jaynet said...

oh I love it! I can just feel the era.

Jaynet said...

would you give some free advice on pulling some exterior/interior paint together for my home if i sent pictures and display it on your site?

foobella said...

It's a gorgeous kitchen and that's a beautiful piece of furniture. I'd nix the barstools completely. They cover it up too much.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

That work table/island is GORgeous. I love it.

Thought you'd like to know Cobble Court is back on the market with new photos. Here's the link: