Friday, November 14, 2008

A very Good Day!

I went to the open house of one of my favorite local artist today, Ned Young. I tell you now that he is by far in a way the best painter of old homes. He just has the touch. You can tell that he loves what he is painting. He totally captures the spirit of place is his work. He is the only artist I would trust to paint the Gothic Revival I'm currently working on. SO.... While at the open house I approached him about doing a painting of it. I could tell he was skeptical at first, giving me a list of the many things this talented guy has to do. So I showed him some of the exterior pictures. He was very complimentary and impressed. He said he has people ask him to paint their new "old" house all time, but they never get it right. He said he thought he could paint my Gothic revival. It was the biggest compliment I have ever received. IF the guy who I consider to be the king of old house art, is willing to paint a house that I designed.... Well that just frost my cake. I was the happiest guy the rest of the day. Even the news that the house we wanted to buy was not going on the market for a long time, didn't dampen my spirits. I was truly honored by his compliments. So every old house lover out there, buy his calendars and prints. Do a search for Ned Young on google or use the amazon links in my side bar.

Here I am with Ned Young. Do I look giddy?


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J9 said...

I have a Ned Young calendar hanging in my kitchen right now! It's the Cat one. Not because I'm such a cat person, although I do like them, but because of the funny interactions between the cat and dog...and birds, etc. It just makes me smile.
Love the Thanksgiving table and placecard! Thanks so much for art AND inspiration!

freda said...

Hey, I am doing some research for a paper that I have to do on Ned Young and his art. I cannot find any information on him. Can you help?