Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm a lookiloo. Are you?

I'm a lookiloo, you're a lookiloo, wouldn't you like to be a lookiloo too?
Take a look at this fine home. I want it! See more of it here


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Angel said...

Have you ever been to Chareston, SC? (There's that old-house-giddy feeling again!) I highly recommend it, there is so much history there and so many houses to see! I toured this one (1st & parts only only of the 2nd floors)and thought you might enjoy it I didn't see a picture in their slideshow, but I remember that the original owner had portraits of his family painted in oval frames on the ceiling of the main hall, just inside the interior door (there was a little vestibule before entering the house). During restoration the current owner had portraits of his family put in those same frames. They live in the non-tour areas. Another interesting tidbit: the skylight (only one picture) was discovered by accident trying to figure out why the ceiling was leaking, there was no evidence of it from the outside or the inside. (big sigh)

Angel said...

I found a local (to me) house for you, does it look like Iowa?

I hope this is pictures only, I'd like for you guess "old," or "new old"

There was a write up in the local paper, I'll see if I can find it.

Derek said...

I have to say it's new old. There are few things about it that make me doubt it's oldness. There is a great lack in mouldings and what there is is very under scaled for the size of the house. The windows don't seem right either. Trees? Where are the trees? Older homes usually have large trees that support their age.

Angel said...

Rats, I didn't think about the trees! It's built in what used to be a corn field north of Des Moines. I think Mr. Money-bags had it built based on his travels in Europe and to house all the goodies he acquired on those travels. If I remember right, he's pretty young, 30-ish. Of course I can't find the article.