Wednesday, August 6, 2008

House Update

Spent some time at the house yesterday. The elaborate trim around the entry doors is mostly complete. It was great to see these come into being. They have been only sketches for almost a year now. There will be carvings in the recessed panel in the corbels. The stain glass is well under way for the transoms. The guys were working on the archway under the stairs while I was there. These guys are truly master craftsman.

The corbels and finials have been installed in the Great room and master bedroom.

I had to have the corbels remade. I have this recurring shape through out the house. it shows up in the entry, in the kitchen, and some of the fireplace mantels. The exteriors are done on the barn, It looks REALLY red in this picture.

I had the ceilings in the upper rooms of the barn covered in ruff cut cedar . They painted the ceiling a dark color first so that when the wood shrinks and gaps we won't see white drywall between the planks.


geezee said...

I sure have enjoyed watching the house come together. Good job!

Anonymous said...

just starting to read the posts about the house and your fabulous work but have to ask, isn't it stainED glass?