Thursday, October 11, 2007

LET the PARTIES begin.

Halloween ends up being a big party season for me. This year is no exception. I have a very spooky party for some teenagers here at my house on Saturday. I'm doing a re-enactment of a party I did a few years ago for one of my Nieces Birthday. (The invitation cover seen above.) I made up this story about a girl that had lived in my house and had died by falling down the steps in the barn.I made fake pictures of her and her family to support the story. We took them on a little tour and showed them where she was buried. ( fake) where they find here journal and that leads them on a little hunt around the yard an hallow. Ending up in the barn where the girls ghost shows up. My niece would not babysit for us for months because she was just sure that story was true. So I'm bringing the Story of Victoria Jones out of moth balls for the party this weekend. Afterwards they are all going over to a nicely renovated Barn for the rest of the party. The same barn I am using for my family party. So I'm Decorating that too and leaving it up till my family party.

The family party is in two week and I have not even started to plan. Which is totally unlike me. Stuff happens, Kids, kitchen remodels, work, and wife's with a gimpy arm, Vacations. The last Harry Potter party I did was in 2002. I had a website set up that gave secret information, things they had to find at the party. I made fake spell books and so forth based on all the titles listed in the books to that point. All kinds of potion ingredients. (See pic below)I had a Daily Prophet paper written with articles about my Family, and coupons for Berty Botts beans. We sorted into houses, made potions and wands. Whew! so you can see why I am feeling under prepared this year.

I did see something that may inspire me in a different direction of the HP theme. While on my DL trip they had a Scardy Crow shack set up in Woody's Roundup area. It was all done up with scarcrows and vintage decor. I thought this would work a lot better with the Barn than trying to make it look like the Shrieking shack. See pic below. Joe playing Poker. I just need some Vintage or Barny type activities. Any suggestions? Then its on to the Second grade Halloween party.


Tina said...

Wow, you've really got a great imagination! If someone did this to me at any age I probably would lock myself in my house and never come Sounds like it'll be a blast. Good luck on your search for barn games....I don't have any ideas to offer...I'm a city girl and the only barn I see is the shed in my backyard.

Angie said...

Wow, how fun is your family!! Ours too! Every party for the kids has a theme, and so far, we've brought a one bag (with leftovers!) neighborhood back to life at Halloween, and gotten three other families into the spirit with haunted tours, ghoulish games & deadly treasure digs! We're going to be a little late on the set up this year though because we're moving... guess it was time to spookify someone else's block & get them all in the spirit!

Tink said...

I need an invite one year, LOL. Darn I have to locate that 3 foot spider soon. No worries about the 6 foot snake though, it has taken up residence on our bed, LOL. How about bob for apples? Isn't that a victorian type Halloween game?

marilyn said...

WOW! Your family and friends are very lucky to have someone like you around with your vivid imagination and willingness to implement your ideas. Sounds like loads of fun.