Thursday, February 3, 2011

Downton Abbey

he free world is in love with Downton Abbey. I watched it online and loved it so much we now own the DVD. It is available on Netflix, but your wait is going to be a long one. Series two goes into production this march. We here in the US won't see it till next year. It's set in one of my favorite English time periods. Turn of the century Edwardian England. The fact that it is set in a grand house, and I mean GRAND, may have something to do with it's appeal to me. As usual I spend a lot of time watching the house and not the story. Highclere Castle plays the role of Downton Abbey. You can see more of it HERE

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Marissa said...

I loved it too and can't wait until the next season. I really like how the PBS site has links to this Castle and the other places in England where they have filmed.