Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spot the Prop.

We all know that Hollywood has an endless supply of props and furniture that they can use for productions. But when it comes to recreating the past antiques are the way to go. The cost and expense of building recreation is just not cheep. There are many prop houses that specialize in this type of thing. Their resources are not endless. There are only so many Antiques available to them to use. So it will be no surprise that props are reused in several pictures over the years. I have found just such a prop. I love to watch period films. I'm more interested in the set itself in some cases more than the actual story line. I began to spot a unique chair. Granted this chair came from a British prop house, an is used in British productions. My point is still the same. This chair has made 4 onscreen performances that I know of starting in the early 60's, to my last spotting in 2003. So with out further adue. Chair, this is your life.

The Avengers, 1967

The Musical, The Slipper and the Rose. 1976

Ever after, 1998

Johnny English, 2003

It truly is a unique chair. With those Princess Leia swirly buns on its sides. That is part of what made it so easy to spot. I think you will have to agree that it is the same chair(s) in all these pictures. Such a fine working career it has had. Working with the likes of Diana Riggs, Dame Edith Evans, Richard Chamberlain, Drew Barrymore, John Malcovich, Rowan Atkinson.

If you spot it making a debue, let me know. I'll add it to it's resume.


Anonymous said...

As I am a sporadic visitor to many blogs, when I do visit yours it always make me happy! And to many, the sudden infusion of music is often times annoying, yet yours is somehow peaceful, timely, and relevent to the season.I am looking forward to any Haunted Halloween entries you have planned!

Ashley in Wonderland said...

Just found your site via Hooked on Houses and was hoping to see something Drew Barrymore related here. What do you know, the very first post I read features Ever After! :D

Great spotting, what a fun thing to notice! I wonder where this chair lives in between filming, it's had quite a long career!