Friday, May 14, 2010

Small house makeover

Taking a small little house that's listed on the city's historical register and giving it a new life can be an adventure. Granted the owner had the responsibility of working with the historic committee, so ultimately his adventure was greater than ours. It began with this boarded up little shack.

It made it onto the registry due to its unique double entrance. Frankly I think this is just an early example of a duplex. So our first task was to get permission to eliminate one of the doors. So we proposed this new look for this little house.

After making a few concessions for the Historic committee, construction began.

After many weeks of hard work including all the renovations that took place on the inside. This little house got a new lease on life.


Lauren said...

you did an outstanding job! now it's, how do you say, a charmer!

linnie-818 said...

I found your blog by way of The Graphics Fairy. I'm so glad. I have enjoyed your posts, pics, thoughts and, of course, your digi freebies. It has been such a pleasure that I will be back to visit often. I don't always leave a comment (except for digi-freebies - I always try to say "Thank You"). But I always appreciate a good read (and look). Thank you for all and hope you are well and happy.

Torrico Family said...

What a transformation! That is an amazing change....very charming indeed

Torrico Family said...

What a transformation! That is an amazing change of appearance. Turned out very charming!