Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peppard Cottage

Over on Hooked on Houses, Julia has some great pictures posted of this Cottage. Peppard Cottage. Famous for its appearance in the Merchant Ivory film "Howard's End" I have hunted high and low for a good picture of this cottage to no avail. I did manage to get a cryptic address for it. Then spent hours combing the Oxfordshire countryside via Google Earth till I found it. The house is in fact much larger than we are led to believe in the movie. Head over to Julia site for all the great pictures.


Sean Menzies said...

Derek, I was staying with friends last March in Reading, just down the road from Peppard Cottage, and we drove up to see the house. A friend of mine was the editor of Howards End so I took pictures of the house to prove to him I'd been there. I've got some really good ones, if you want to see them.


Derek said...

Sean, I would LOVE to see them. All of them. I love to hear about the village of Reading too.

How on earth did you find my blog?