Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Open house. A Dream project comes to an end.

The Gothic Revival project that I have been working on since 2007 has finally come to a close. Sure there are still thing to be done. The homeowner, and now a dear friend, needs to begin the process of gathering and collecting those perfect and personal accessories. Things that make it a home. I feel I did a good job of putting all the bones in place. It helps when your client has impeccable taste and trust your taste too. They wanted a new house with an old soul. I think we achieved that. It has truly fooled some people. The greatest compliment I have gotten so far is when a member of a local historic society asked what year the home was built, and I shocked her with the year 2007-2009. She honestly thought is was a renovation project of a house built in 1860. We recently had an open house to which I invited some friends and potential clients. At one point a friend of mine said I had perma-grin. I couldn't stop smiling. Thank you to all who came and supported me along the way. You can see more on the design firm website here.

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Linda Q said...

Oh my, amazing and my Victorian soul could sooo move in here!!
Love it, thanks for sharing, love home tours.