Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yours for $5800.00.

This replica of one of the door in the "Corridor of Doors" in the Haunted Mansion can be yours IF..... You happened to get tickets to the Merchandise Event on 09-09-09, and have $5800.00 to spare. I want it so bad. I'm just lacking those two most important parts.


Haunted Mansion Door by
Walt Disney Imagineer, John Mauvezin
Retail: $5,800
Edition Size: 1
Dimensions: 24"H x 10"W x 6"D
Details:This impressive piece stands two feet tall and was built from scratch by Walt Disney Imagineer John Mauvezin, from original WED blueprints. The wonderful attention to detail leaves nothing to the imagination. From the snake door handle to the carved skulls guarding the entrance, this free standing door has a hidden surprise. Turning the door knob activates the ticking of the hallway clock along with its haunting chime. If you look through the keyhole you can see the clocks swinging pendulum and backwards spinning hands, while the ghostly shadow of a boney claw passes slowly by. this amazing illusion is accomplished through hidden mirrors and the magic of Disney. Keeping to true WED tradition , this is not a video playback, but an all mechanical effect. The clock itself is only 2" tall and is mounted deep inside the lower casework.

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