Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mary Tyler Moore house

This spring I decided to introduce my kids to some of the classic TV shows I grew up with. They are clean, safe and still just as funny. We started with the Dick Van Dyke show. My 9yo was the only kid in her class that knew the significance of the a phrase "Oh rob!". Naturally the MTM show was the next choice given her presence in the DVD show. My daughter LOVES it. Now being the old house collector than I am. I had to see and learn more about the MTM house. I found a few pictures and as luck would have it the real estate listing. As I do when I find a cool houses I forwarded them to my friend Julia over at Hookedonhouses.net. She supplies my house habit so I supply hers. We may never rehabilitate. (there are worse habits we could have) Julia has done a full spread on the MTM house this week, go and check it out.

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Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love classic TV shows like these, too. Dick Van Dyke is one of my all-time favorites. We have all of the seasons on DVD and my kids have seen them all at least twice. That's a show that has really held up well--it's still just as funny today.

We're now working our way through Andy Griffith DVDs. I wanted to live in Mayberry when I was little (still do).

Last summer we watched seasons 1-3 of MTM--it was a little too old for my daughter, but my teenager enjoyed it. I was so excited when you sent me those links. Thanks again! I had a lot of fun writing about one of my favorite shows.