Sunday, March 8, 2009

Return to duty

Sorry folks for the infrequent updates. I have been losing supscribers left and right. Most of who are just now realizing I am no longe offering the digi stuff for download anymore. I am moving it all to it own blog. I got the worlds strangest virus. it started out like a mild ear infection. ( i thought only kids got those any more) it moved to my chest. or so I thought. No coughing. or at least not excessive coughing. Just this very odd tightness in my chest, but only on one side. Then I started getting these funny episodes where my heart would race for a minute or two. I would get these periods of shortness of breath for no apparent reason. All the time I had this dull tightness in my right side of my chest. My wife made me see the doctor. The Doctor seem to think that I had a virus that had settles in my lung or heat area. That it was irritating my Heart arrhythmia, I showed now signs of a heart problem. As time went on the episode got milder and father between, and have all but stopped now. Strangest thing I have ever had. Still very tired from it all but I feel much better. So back to work and back to blogging. I have been working on the house from time to time . Moving in day was this last week. We still have a lot left to do.

Draperies to be installed. Some furniture has not arrive yet. For the most part 90% if it is done.

I'll give you a sneeky peeky below.

Now I am on to new projects. a Scottish Baronial Farm, and an Ice cream parlor franchise.

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Denise said...

So glad you are better, my friend!