Friday, November 7, 2008

We don't want new. We want new old.

I have been saying this for years. New homes of today are getting to be so boring. More and more I hear that people want there new homes to look timeless. HERE I AM! Let me help you!
Read this article and the accompanying articles. READ HERE

It really bothers me to see huge neighborhoods filled with the same style home. Boring, bland and beige. What is going to happen is that huge swaths of communities will become out of style all at once. this is what causes urban sprawl to eat up all the farm land. I have seen it happen in my own home town. the center of town is filled with mostly 4o's tracked homes. then a ring of 50's homes around that. and so on till we have houses to close to the lake on the west and higher on the mountain that I think is safe on the east. A vicious cycle. We have no where left to go. The center of town is now neglected and tired. Center of business activity moved to a "newer" location. The small town of my youth has been forgotten, traded in for something shiny and red with lights.

Here in Utah, we have new community called Daybreak. They use traditional style architecture. Although not true recreation of the style, they are headed in a good direction. I could tell you what is wrong with each one and how to fix it, but I'll save that for an other day. The garages are pushed back, Tree lined streets. Open spaces. Walking paths, Lakes. It so popular that you have to get on waiting list to get a house in one of these communities. Check it out. It's going to be beautiful in about 20 years when the trees have all filled in. Check out this blog by someone who actually lives in Daybreak. DayBreak Man


Angel said...

There is a neighborhood near here -The Neighborhood on 86th - and the developers wanted a different design for each house. I haven't driven through it yet, but I will and I'll try to get pictures to share with you. It looks neat from the main road and makes me think a lot of "old" inspiration might have been workd in.

I used to be a tour guide here
I could wander around in there for hours... Designed by William Boyington, who also designed our Governor's Mansion -
Makes my heart flutter to look at these old beauties!! gotta run, more later!

Daybreak Man said...

Great post. I like the look and feel of your blog. I live in Daybreak for the very reasons that you state here. Check out my blog sometime:

The Robinsons said...

Love your blog and all the lovely photos of old homes. I agree that houses these days are so uninspired. No craftsmanship and love in today's houses.