Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Victorian ? or is it?

I strongly suspect that his house is a bungalow style wearing a tower as a clever disguise. What do you think? Can you identify the clues?


Anonymous said...

I know pretty much NOTHING about architecture, but I'm going to try to guess. I'm thinking one clue is the style of columns on the porch. Those look more like the columns I've seen on arts and crafts style houses. Other than that I have no idea!


Angel said...

I agree with the columns, same as what's on my house. I also think there are too many angles, especially in the gables; and the windows are divided.

Derek said...

the divied windows, the columns and how low and flat the roof pitch is, all make we think this is a poor attempt at making an craftsman/bungalow look older than it is.