Saturday, November 8, 2008

House update

Most of the painting is done. Some area need to be revisited.

Tin ceiling is mostly done. Then it gets a faux finish to look like old lead/zinc.

The runner for the stairs has been chosen.
Living room is ready for the tile and stone surround to be installed.
looking from the kitchen through the family room into the livingroom.
Master bedroom. brick wall is where the bed will be.
Back stairs

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Angel said...

I can't say "amazing" enough times about this house! Know that I am thinking it every time I visit, which is daily - this old-soul likes getting an old-house fix everyday! It is very bizarre to see that tin against the OSB, versus what you'd see in a restoration, just makes me chuckle and think, "Cheater!" I think I want tin in my kitchen. Someday... I think you said the painting was finished, did you chose historically accurate colors? Will they be using reproduction wallpaper or carpets at all?