Thursday, August 28, 2008

We would never do that. Would we?

Ask What Change

Once upon a time , there was a young charismatic

and eloquent young leader who decided his Nation

needed a change and that he was the one to implement it.

The people were receptive and ready for a change.

He spoke passionately when denouncing the existing

System, and the media loved him.

Nobody questioned what he believed in or whom

his friends were. He would help the poor and bring free

medical care and education to all. He would bring

justice and equality. He said: I am for hope and change

and I will bring you both.

Nobody bothered to ask about the change, so by the

Time the executioners’ guns went silent, all personal firearms had

been confiscated. When everyone was finally equal,

they were equally poor, hungry and miserable.

Their free education was worthless. When the change

was fully implemented, the country had been reduced

To a Third World status. More than a million people

fled in small boats and rafts. The charismatic young

leader was Fidel Castro; the nation, Cuba .

The citizens of the United States would never fall

For a charismatic, eloquent young leader who promises

hope and change without asking, “What change, and

How much will it cost us?”—would we?


catlady aka catslave said...

This is fantastic. Derek, did you write this??

geezee said...


Sandi said...

No, I don't think we would.... Have faith and look to the future and don't let all the negativity make you doubt that we are constantly moving forward and progressing. Fear will only hold you back...

makeyesup said...

thanks, copied and pasted this in an email and sent out to friends.

MemoryKeeper said...

Well said. I thought you were talking about another man at first, but I see it wasn't Hitler.

All our polite ways have lead to mediocrity, and we must become active in the process, more now than ever. I still refuse to boo and act the fool towards another person or party, but will take a stand on election day!

Have a great day!

Stacie said...

Love the post - good point!

Z said...

I just found your blog and it's totally awesome! I love this post and your blog!

Deb said...


Anonymous said...

Very wonderful post. However I am not sure how many would agree. I most definitely do..

So far I do not hear many questioning.

Denise said...

I don't want to hurt your feelings, Derek, and this is YOUR blog. I had written a comment and erased it, simply because I think YOU are good and kind. But the last comment got to me: "So far I do not hear many questioning." Given the statement that precedes this comment, I'm not certain if any would question, or if any did, if it would reach the comment section.

The citizens of the United States are free to choose who and what to believe. They are free to speak without the speech having hurtful intent.

Today, how much has "not changing" cost us. How much has changing won us. I have two very personal examples of what has been won, in this great country of ours because of change. Perhaps many will question that these changes are good, and ask what the cost was and not find the cost acceptable. But i am glad for the changes, and do look forward to change, regardless of who steps up to the plate. Because change MUST happen here or we may be sunk. Anyway, to my two personal examples:

Had we not allowed change, i'd still be a slave.
Had we not allowed change neither i or your wife could vote.
Had we not allowed change, so many good things that happen in this country would not happen.

It is clear that we have to keep our eyes open to the change that's happening. We get to choose whether we'll accept the change from this young man. We get to decide who this young man's backup (senate and HOR) will be. He doesn't stand alone. He is not coming in via revolution but through the PEOPLE'S CHOICE! He is NOT coming in with guns blazing. Are you really suggesting that?

This is really an unfair comparison, if the comparison is meant to point to Barack Obama, an American, a good citizen and believer of the DEMOCRATIC ideals of this country, Sad that our fear--what do we fear?--causes us to make such an extreme comparison.

I don't know whether you will post this, Derek. We have privately had some differences, but it has never been meant to hurt you or offend you. If you post it, I thank you for allowing a democratic process to happen on YOUR blog. If you don't, it will be fine. Again, I hope that we can, perhaps, agree to disagree, without hurt.