Sunday, August 17, 2008

House Update - STAIRS!

The day I have been waiting for. The entry gets it crowning glory. It's great to see my sketches come to life. A lot of thought and research went into this set of stairs. It's the culmination of many design aspects of this house. They ultimately pull all the design elements together and set the design tone for the rest of the house. The rest of the house takes it design ques from the entry. Portions of the designs in the entry appear other places in the house. The sign that one mind was at work here. The carvings in the newels show up in the plinth block through the rest of the house. The Gothic arch panels tie in with the upper windows and the panels doors, and so on. I pat myself on the back for successfully pulling it all together. (Actually I'm relieved it all worked)


Anonymous said...

wow derek that looks great! when you finished your work you can start here to make our house that beautiful as yours!

the color of the wood in your house wil be painted dark or you let it be light as shown at the photo?

great job!

greetings from spain


Hooked on Houses said...

These stairs are gorgeous! I think I'm in love. -Julia

Lizzerd said...

You've got good taste!! love the staircase!