Friday, June 20, 2008

Birthday Boys.

This is Dean. My friend since the first day of seventh grade. First period Health, with Mr. Beck. The only friend to stick with me the longest. We both have an affinity for Disney, Camping, Home renovation and gardening, and HALLOWEEN. He's a nurse, which means he is WAY smarter than me. He puts up with my lack of education. I like to take credit for introducing him to his wife. (New Years Eve 1992) . I was his best man and he was mine. He has two children, as do I. Our wives like to Scrapbook (traditonal), They have Tons of Disney pages to do, due to our Disney habit. Dean is one of few people that can crack me up, and can pull a prank like no one else. He allways has elaborate Halloween costumes. He came to one party dressed as a camel. ANYWAY.... Dean turns 39 today, Happy Birthday DEAN!

Now this little guy, Turned three on Father's Day. The best Father's day present I ever got was this little guy. He insists that he is four years old. Here he is on his first bike. He had a Little Einsteins Party, ot Yiddle Einsteins as he call them. he replaces most of his "L"s with "Y"s
I have to remind myself not to it too. Happy Birthday JOEY

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Tink said...

Happy Birthday to both Joey and Dean. Hope they had/have good ones. :)