Friday, May 16, 2008


I haven't forgot your need for the last few parts of Grandmothers house. I have been concentrating on other things the past few weeks. I'm finalizing plans on that Scottish house I have been working on. Its been quite the process to get this particular house to this point. The Client has very definite ideas. Trying to meet all his expectation has been trick. Ultimately we had to create a story or history for this house. The client wanted it to look like it had been around for some time and through its existence that it had been added on to, or Cobbled on to as they put it. The main portion of the house being the oldest portion. Then maybe an servants quarters or scullery, then later a carriage house. You can get a general idea form the 3d mock up seen below. I haven't added the windows yet.On top of this I'm still finishing up the Gothic Revival house as well. Finish carpentry is well under way and it is STUNNING. I'll post some pictures from the house later. I have finalized the Stain glass patterns for the transoms and doors. I photo shopped the stain glass onto one of the Drawing that the finish carpenter are using to see how it all looks together. I'm excited to see the real thing. Mantles have all been finalized and sent to the various craftsmen. Each one is unique. The main stairway has been started. It is a work of art in it self. I designed all the parts but have yet to see the real things.Lighting was proving to be a challenge, the only suitable reproduction lights I could find were astronomical in price. I did locate this line that was the best of the bunch and more in the price range. IT took a big wait off my shoulders. I didn't not want to spoil all this effort to recreate an old house by filling it with more modern fixtures. Whew!
So as you can see I have been dealing with new old houses, instead of Grandmother's house. I'll get back on track and post some more parts in a day or so.


Emilie said...

Thanks so much for your freebies!! I can't believe you're giving away all this fabulous stuff! LOL!
I'm doing heritage layouts, so this is a treasure for me!
Thanks again!

Jeanie said...

Derek - Your work sounds fascinating! Must be so rewarding to see it all finished! Will look forward to seeing your next designs, but will be glad to read about your "new houses" as well in the meantime!

bsp2232 said...

I love seeing these pictures! What amazing work you do! :)

Anonymous said...

hello derek,

very nice to read something from your site.

I think the first lamp is exect who will fit in our sitting room!

here in the north of spain lots of rain. In our village a lot of old houses, soon I will send you photos from the most I like.

bye, greetings from asturias.


Renate said...

I can't wait to see the photos of the finished house!

makeyesup said...

Thanks for showing us the pics of your work. It is so very interesting and love that you share this talent with us also.

Tink said...

I so enjoy reading and seeing what you are working on. This is going to be gorgeous when finished.