Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tagged, yet again.

I have been tagged again. this time by Moonscrap - fellow guy scrapper.

1. Four jobs I have held.
  1. assistant visual merchandiser
  2. Visual Merchandising manager
  3. District Visual merchandising Manager
  4. Designer at Ovaitt-Pratt and Associates

2. Four movies I could watch over and over.

  1. Practical Magic. I love the house in that movie. ( Sandra and Nicole aren't bad to look at either.)
  2. Haunted Mansion. (Gee, an other house related film, do I detect a theme here?)
  3. Clue the movie. 1+1+2+1 (Surprise, another great house)
  4. Monster house. ( if I could get my house to do that on Halloween I would do it!!)

3. Four places I have lived.

  1. My parents house till I got married.
  2. our first apartment. 6 blocks from home. less than a year
  3. Our second and much better apartment. 4 years
  4. back to my parents house while they were in NY state. year and a half
  5. Our current little old house. going on 8 years
4. Four TV show I watch.
  1. Monk
  2. Friends ( in reruns)
  3. Deal or no deal.
  4. Anything on PBS- I have kids remember

5. Four people that email me regularly.

  1. My DAD
  2. My buddy Dean
  3. Susan
  4. my CT

6. Four favorite foods.

  1. Spaghetti - the way mom makes it.
  2. Sweet and sour chicken - the way my wife makes it.
  3. Chicken wan ton salad- my sisters recipe
  4. Sugar cookies - my own personal recipe

7.Four places I would rather be.

  1. Ashville NC, Biltmore estate
  2. Laggan Valley,Scotland.
  3. Dineyworld. ( big surprise , I know)
  4. Mackinac Island

8. Four people I am tagging.

  1. Rick
  2. Amy W.
  3. Sadie

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Winged Heart said...

Okay...you've gone and done it! Now I'm craving sugar cookies! Care to share your recipe??? Pretty please!!! Love your blog!