Monday, April 21, 2008

Hannah has left the building!

The party is over and we are recovering. The guests enjoyed a popstar photo-shoot, a mini concert, and other popstar activities. They got to buy all their food at the concert concession stand, and afterwards they got to buy all there Hannah souvenirs (monopoly money). Whew! an other year down. Now back to the kitchen remodel which I intend to have done by the first week of may.


vw bug said...

Wow. I am amazed you survived.

Tink said...

Maybe I should have you plan The Princess' party in July. You can even bring Zoe as the two girls would get a long marvelously. :) Glad she had a very happy birthday. And let her know that Tink was very disappointed that she couldn't make it.

Amy W. said...

Dude, swing by the blog I have something for you!
-Amy W.

GrannyNKy said...

Tonight is my first night visiting your little block in this big ole world, and I so proud! This collection has me so excited and I just adore the music!!!! So thanks much from this ole Granny in Kentucky!