Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have started a new project even before this last Gothic Revival house is complete. A couple has approached our firm to help them with a new home on 16 achers of lake front property. Here is the kicker. The client was born and raised in northern England right near the Scottish border. He want this house to look Scottish. I need some contacts in British isles to help me with some research. If you willing to help me contact me in the sidebar.
NOTE: The house above is not the clients house. The house is not even built yet. That is the part of the project I'm working on. Taking a house plan that they have allready payed an Architect $100,000.00 to draw and make it look Scottish. My post above made it sound like they just need help furnishing the house to look Scottish. That will come later. Right now I need people from that area to answer some question reguarding the architecture. Pictures don't allways explain things.


Vanness Studio 21 said...

Charlene here..... Among a million other things, I collect vintage photographs of architecture,animals, landscapes,blah,blah etc., & the guy I purchase most of these photos from, lives in Scotland. He not only lives there, he travels all the British Isles for goofy people like me, in search of unique photographs. He has excellent taste & I would recommend him highly to you for this project. If he can not help you directly, I am certain he will lead you in the appropriate direction.

I'm in Kentucky,(out of town) til
Monday & can't access my files for his address/e-mail, but will do so when I return.

As far as house #8, I had to ask my mother. She's the "Trivia Queen", &
with the clue...she popped off with the answer in a heartbeat. All I remember about Falcon Crest is that Ronald Reagan's ex-wife was in the show! Thanks Mom!

Will be back with you on Monday. Thanks for all that you do, Derek! You have no idea what a bright light you are.

We, my husband & I, semi-lost,our pre-cival war home to fire in 2003 & being a designer myself, the re-building has been nothing short of a nightmare. When I say semi-lost, I mean that the framing was out of native chestnut & expertly built & just wouldn't give up to the fire. The brick work on the house you're working on....just awes me!

I appreciate all of this!

Kindest regards & will contact you soon.

Charlene Vanness( re-construction,so be forewarned!

Vanness Studio 21 said...


Here is the link to get a hold of Ian Burr, the gentleman who lives in Scotland & might be able to help you.Had to go to E-Bay to find it, but you can contact him here.
Hope this helps you!

Vanness Studio 21 said...

No!!!!Charlene,major pest,here again. I was referring you to Mr Burr, because he knows the terrain & the architecture. Not for furnishings!Please write him..he know's his own country! Write him, Derek! Luv Ya!