Friday, February 8, 2008

10 thing you can do if you know your daughter is downstairs kissing a boy

I don't plan on needing these things for awhile but it never hurts to be prepared.

First of all don't panic this could cause your child to call protective services.

Here are some ways to stop or interrupt the situation. You may repeat any of these as many times as you feel necessary.

1. Call your home phone from your cell phone and tell your daughter she is wanted on the phone. Its up to you whether you stay on line to give a lecture or not.

2. Calmly enter the scene, adjust some object in the room like it contains a hidden camera, checking to make sure its pointed in their general direction. Adjust the lighting if necessary. and leave without comment.

3.Exit through the garage, go to the front door and ring the doorbell repeatedly, run back into the house and ask the kissing bandits to answer the door. Repete if needed.

4. Call down the stairs and say.." Are you stirring cooked macaroni down there, or is that kissing I hear" (family joke , that stirring macaroni sounds like kissing)

5. Call your daughter up stairs. hand her a small box, and say. "You can go back down but your lips have to stay here."

6.Calmly walk down stairs and hand them each a chap stick , and say "You need this lip silencer, because I can hear every smooch."

7. Start playing the piano. Songs like, "Did you think to pray" etc.. Avoid songs like "Kiss the girl".

8. If things sound really smoochy. stand on a chair and push the test button on the smoke detector.

9. The old stand by- Send a younger sibling down to spy for you. Digital cameras are great for this.

10. Fake an injury, and call for help.

Tips from a DAD that is not letting his little girl get married till she is 40.


Scraps of Candy said...

ROFL - Number 2 was my favorite. Thanks for the laugh.

Sharon said...

LOL...these are great! I personally like number 7, he,he,he.

Anonymous said...

Until 40? I told my daughter not until 38 so maybe I am too easy on her? It's been an experience this year as she is in her first year of college AND lives at home.

Thanks for sharing.