Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ned Young

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Ned Young's work. He captures the very spirit of the places he paints. You find yourself feeling like you are a part of what you see. The fact that he paint old houses is what really reeled me in. Unlike Thomas Kinkade (don't get me started on him)with every flower in bloom, every tree perfectly formed, in a sterilized state. Ned paints things as they are. Every paining I find myself feeling I have been there before, because I connect with the emotional state of the painting. I could go on.
Ned Young has an open house every year around thanksgiving and Christmas. I have been lucky enough to go the past two years. I even got to shake his hand, and thank him personally for what he does. I'm afraid I got a bit silly last year telling him I wouldn't wash the hand he shook. and so on. He Called me Mr. Silly and Gave me a big hug. Then I said I couldn't wash the sweater I was wearing now. He signed my 2007 Calendar" To Mr. Silly" This year he actually remember who I was. "You're that silly guy." We chatted a bit. My sister bought a 2008 calendar and had him sign it for me for my birthday present. You can see below what he wrote.

Ya gotta love an artist with a sense of humor. Which brings me to his latest set of paintings. featuring some very comedic Dogs and Cats. He has been approached about doing some children's books based on these characters. Click here to see more detail. Be prepared to chuckle

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Tink said...

Wow. Really like his style and love those pets.