Friday, September 7, 2007

The Unfortunate Incident

Here is the offending object. A "Sit and spin", Which in my wife's case is now called the "step on and fall".
She stepped backwards on to one of these and took a tumble and broke her wrist.

Here is the X-Ray of her arm after the surgeon had put screws into the bones of her arm and her forefinger, then clamped them together to keep her wrist from rotating and to hold the bone in place. This really creeps me out. Note: the screws are literally sticking out of her arm. I thought this would go well with the Halloween theme in here.

Here is what she will be wearing for the next 6 to 8 weeks. She has to keep it in a sling because the bones is now fragile where the screws pierce the bone. I was wondering how that make this situation better?
I should mention here that when this happened my wife was at her mothers, helping her pack to move. I was home mowing the lawn. I get a call from my 7 yo. I go up to check on my wife. she goes to the hospital with her sister while I took the kids home and tried to locate some one to watch the kids (my wife mother is legally blind so she was not an option). My own mother is have back problems. My niece was all ready sitting for someone else. It was Labor Day, everyone was out enjoying the holiday. When I get a call from my best friend (since 7th grade, 1st period Health). They just happen to be in town. (I think there were greater forces at work here.) They drove right over, his wife and kids stayed with my kids. Whew! So my Friend and I go to the hospital and find my wife. Still waiting. I should mention that my friend used to work in this particular ER. It was very nice to have him there. He was able to explain everything that was going on. He was our Medical Translator. Back to the Story-- X-rays. Surgery needed. They keep her over night. She's home now. but she looks a bit like a Transformer that didn't quite transform all the way. I suggested we perch and stuffed bird on her arm to hide the hardware.
-----She was not amused.
Update on our friend Cory. He is home from the Hospital now. The nerve damage was not as extensive as they thought. the out look for that is great. He will have an little therapy to do, but all in all things are good. Good compared to what could have been.


Tink said...

I am sure that your wife mumbled a few choice words about the bird on her shoulder; just about like the ones I muttered when I accidentally hit Pan with the car and he cracked a joke. I am glad to hear that she and Cory both are doing better. They are in our thoughts.

Ms. Kari said...

omg, bless her heart! I hated that dang sit & spin when I was little. evil invention. lol All I can ask is how long were you unconcious when you made the bird comment? lol Poor wife. I hope her wrist heals quickly!

Amy W. said...

Dude, that's a strange series of events. And screws, that's more than a simple break and still very sucky. I'm glad that your friend was able to be there for you! My mom tripped over a sit and spin when I was a kid. No break but it went into the trash, made me sad. Emma has one but it has to stay in the corner.
Hugs to you both!

mom2triplets04 said...

Ouch! I sure hope they gave her something for the pain. I will make a note not to purchase one of those toys. Wishing her a fast recovery.

Anonymous said...

I have to say is OUCH and owwwie and owwwwie and owwwiee.....I "lost" your page after I found it by accident but lucky for me I showed my pal, and I found you again....was reading and catching up...I say you hunt down the spider and teach them who's boss, then toss the trip and fall on them....that'll show em!! thanks for all the hard work you do...~~Monica