Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mocktail 007, Mission Accomplished

Mocktail 007. Its over, things went well I think, The picture you have in your head never matched the actual event. We have tremendous participation in the costume department, which always adds to the evening.( I'll post a slide show once I have all the photos) Food was fabulous, (note to self: use a smaller table next time.) many great things to eat, all though I only got to try a few. People performed there missions, only a few hiccups. and an unplanned diamond heist which put the schedule off a bit but added a new dimension to the evening. I hope everyone had fun , They said they did, or were they just being polite? We had bombs, diamond thefts, payoffs, surveillance photos, and LOTS to drink. sounds good to me. I learned a few things I would do different the next time. I won't tell you what they are. I'll just file them in my 6 inch binder of mocktail party information. I suspect I will get the Post Party depression I usually get after these BIG parties. I'm on to my next projects, no time for depression.

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