Friday, May 25, 2007

Mocktail 007

Seems like only yesterday I had this zany idea to have party with fake cocktails, play some retro music, and get people to come dressed like the mode squad. But here we are 5 years later, and 5 parties later and still going strong. The fist one was rather a sad affair. I had only invited my family and a few friends. I had made all these cool decoration and so forth. The night of the party was COLD so everyone was crammed int my little house. The next year we planned for a warmer night. I used the under utilize decor from the year before and added a few more elements, Got a kitchen crew to handle the drinks so I could participate more. We had a lot more participation in the costume department which added to the fun. The next year I switched it up a bit and went for the Tiki lounge theme which was fun but everyone dressed Hawaiian rather than retro and it kind of took the edge out of the fun. Then this past year we Had it late in the year so I could link it with Trish's 40th birthday. A theme of a Non-alcoholic wine tasting. Still a retro theme. It went very well and Trish was surprised.
So here we are at year five and the 007 year so it was perfect year for the James Bond-007 theme. I have lots of clever little things up my sleeve for this party I hope everyone gets into the spirit of the evening. Being the planner that I am, next years party is all ready in the works. Think DISCO!

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